Tax consultancy for companies, self-employed and private individuals

Supporting companies with comprehensive tax advice

The tax environment is constantly changing. It is important to be aware of national and international changes and to align the company with the new framework conditions. We help companies to find their way in this complex world of taxes and to plan and make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

What we offer your company in the tax environment:

Sustainable tax concepts for self-employed persons

Together we will develop a tax concept that takes your current situation into account as well as your future plans. It is based on your personal needs and follows an overall strategy.

Our tax advisory services for you as a self-employed person:

Successful tax advice for private individuals

The result is customized tax solutions. This is the focus of our tax advice for private individuals. We advise you in all areas of tax law and offer you as private individual tax advice and support - national and international. We take our time and clarify goals and individual needs in discussions.

Our offer in tax consultancy for you as a private person:

Holistic tax advice cryptocurrencies

We help you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency taxes and make timely plans.

Our offer in tax consulting for you as an individual or company in connection with cryptocurrencies

  • Tax Planning and tax optimization related to cryptocurrencies.
  • Support with declaration and valuation of your cryptocurrencies in the tax return (see blog post "Cryptocurrencies and taxes")
  • Detailed risk analysis regarding the danger of professional securities trading (see blog post "From Crypto-Trader to Securities Trader".)
  • Support with declaration and valuation of your income from staking, lending and liquidity mining (see blog post "Cryptocurrencies and taxes")
  • Comprehensive tax support for the implementation of your ICO.