Taxes and the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the supervisory and strategic management body of a company. It must ensure that the framework conditions are such that the operational management level is able to fulfil its task in the best possible way and the company is successful.

With this premise in mind, many boards of directors believe that taxes are an unavoidable cost and belong in the realm of operational management. Today, taxes are an issue that permeates and influences the entire supply and service chain of all economic activities. Tax is a public issue that is politically and socially relevant. Tax misconduct by a company damages its reputation and costs turnover and profit. Thus, taxes are increasingly becoming a key issue in a company. The board of directors is well advised to be familiar with the taxation gene of its own company so that it does not suddenly have to read in the media that "its" company is in the tax pillory.

Our presentation shows you the key tax issues that are important for the Board of Directors. Do you have any questions? We are at your disposal for a discussion.

Download presentation "Board of Directors and Taxes" (German only)