We support you in planning and implementing your company succession in Switzerland.

We guide you safely and with foresight through the challenging period of succession planning for your Swiss company.

Finding the right succession solution means balancing many different interests and wishes.

Financial, legal, entrepreneurial, family, tax and human concerns must be recorded, understood and coordinated. This requires knowledge, experience and competence.

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Important topics relating to succession planning

In the beginning there are many questions...

Tax issues

Tax issues

  • Which succession solution should I choose / is under discussion (internal or external)?
  • How do I determine the selling price?
  • How do I organise the sales process?
  • How do I screen prospective buyers?
  • Which legal structure do I choose for the sale?
  • What Swiss tax consequences do I need to be aware of?
Family and social issues

Family and social issues

  • What do I have to do / agree on within the family?
  • Do I stay active in the company or do I retire?
  • How do I tell this to my clients?
  • How is the Swiss market reacting?
  • How does my environment react?
Personal questions

Personal questions

  • What do I do with the proceeds of the sale ?
  • How do I shape my life after selling my company in Switzerland?

...we help to find the right answers.

Bucher Tax AG is your strong partner in all tax law matters relating to succession planning for your company.

The succession process starts with the foundation of the company, because you never know when the decision for succession will have to be made.

Early planning helps to avoid mistakes and prevent damage.

We support you with planning
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Bucher Tax AG is your strong partner in all tax law matters relating to succession planning for your company.

Our competences lie in our extensive experience with tax and legal issues.

With our contacts and partners, we can include additional competences and put together a team that is precisely tailored to your concerns.

Trust in our competence
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Bucher Tax AG is your succession advisor.

Viktor Bucher - Owner Bucher Tax AG

Viktor Bucher

With my knowledge, my experience and my competence, I successfully accompany you through your business succession.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. This can take place by phone, by video meeting, in person at our office or at yours.

Bucher Tax AG | Hirschengraben 43, CH-6003 Lucerne | +41 79 211 09 02

Website: www.bucher-tax.ch

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