Checklist for filing a tax return (German only)

Our checklist guides you through the process of filing a tax return in order for you to know what information is needed by the tax authorities and what documents need to be enclosed.

1. on the declaration of the family law relationship

  • Personal details
  • Custody and maintenance agreement by court or guardianship authority for children who are minors

2. income

  • Self-employment
  • Wage statement for main and secondary occupation2.2 Self-employment Systematic organization of documents relating to the self-employed activity With commercial bookkeeping: Detailed annual financial statements and copies of private and capital accounts. Without commercial bookkeeping: statements of assets and liabilities, income and expenditure as well as private withdrawals and private deposits

2.3 Other documents Certificate of loss of earnings compensation, if not shown on the salary certificate Pension certificate Income from social and other insurances Daily allowance certificate Lottery and pools winnings Maintenance contributions for yourself from divorced or separated spouses (divorce or separation agreement) Alimony received Income from undistributed inheritances according to their quota23. Assets

3.1 List of securities Interest statements for accounts that have since been balanced Certificates of all bank and postal accounts as at the end of the year (one statement per account) Securities custody account statement with all receipts for purchases and sales made as well as dividends and interest received Statement of fixed-term deposits incl. settlement receipts from the debtor Employee options or shares, if not evident from the salary statement itself Certificate of a private loan incl. interest amount Dividend statement for other investments Details of credit balances with own AG/GmbH

3.2 Properties Declaration of the values of all properties Receipts for maintenance costs and value-enhancing expenses Condominium owner statement

3.3 Other assets Other assets that are not part of the household contents or for personal use, such as ships, airplanes, riding horses, etc. Insurance value and market value Value of the private car incl. depreciation Asset shares of undistributed inheritances from the date of death List of debts incl. interest rate and creditor certificate from the insurance company. Wealth tax value is based on the surrender value Records of gifts and inheritances

4. deductions Form for professional expenses (travel expenses, meals, other professional expenses such as study, professional clothing, etc.) in the case of employment Receipts for professional training and further education costs (+ any confirmation from the employer for additional amount) in the case of employment If employed, alimony for adult and minor children (receipts) Certificates of payments into the tied pension plan (pillar 3a) Receipts for premiums paid for personal insurance policies such as life, accident and health insurance Receipts for payments made to the pension fund (2nd pillar) Occupational pension provision in connection with self-employment Contributions to AHV and IV Receipts for self-funded medical expenses (>5%) Voluntary contributions to legal entities domiciled in Switzerland Contributions to political parties Second earner deduction if both spouses are gainfully employed Receipts for payments to persons in need of support

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